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Emergency Closure Information

School is canceled only during extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, electrical failure, or public crisis.  We are aware of the hardship that can be caused by an abrupt cancelation.  Therefore, school will not be canceled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances. 

Radio and TV Announcements
In the event of a school closure due to bad weather, information will be available on the following radio and television stations:

KSLM 1390                KCCS 1220          KXL 750
KINK 102                   KYKN 1430          KGW-TV 8
KWBY 94                   KEX 1190             Q –105
KKCW 103.3              KCKX 1460          KATU-TV 2
KUPL 1330/98.5         KWIP (SPANISH) 880
Web Site Notification
The best information regarding school closures will be posted on the front page of the District’s website at
Bus Information
Any information specific to the North Santiam School District will be posted by 6:00 am.  If it is necessary for school to be closed during the day, the school will contact parents before the buses leave.  

Bus and Snow Routes Link

School Messenger System
Parents will also be notified via the School Messenger System.  A recorded message will be sent out over this automated system to the phone number of the student's main guardian as listed on the registration form.

Flash Alert Text Messages
Directions on how to sign up for flash alert text messages will be posted by the end of October.
Phone Message Access
Parents can access the message sent out by the School Messenger by calling 503-769-2543.

FlashAlert System

North Santiam School District uses FlashAlert, an Internet-based system for delivering changes in schedule (such as snow closures), and other news, to the news media.

Message delivery has been extended directly to the public through FlashAlert Messenger. You may self-register and manage up to three home or office email addresses and receive emergency information moments after we post it, at no cost to you.

To get started, go to and click on our region on the map. Choose our organization category and then our name. You start the subscription process by filling in your email address.

You may enter one or two more email addresses. After entering them, you will launch a validation message to each address. Obtain the two-letter code in the message and post it back into your account to validate that address (or click on the provided link). This is done to make sure that your messages will reach you.

Please be aware that with the proliferation of spam and the resulting spam filters, it is impossible to guarantee message delivery. And remember that message delivery is dependent on ISPs/cell companies accepting in a timely fashion the messages we send to them to send to you. Messages not accepted by ISPs or cell phone companies after one hour will be deleted from the system to avoid the confusion that may be created by a late-arriving message.

New FlashAlert Phone App
An even better option than text messaging is a new, free iOS/Android app, FlashAlert Messenger, that lets you receive emergency messages through Push Notification. FlashAlert is moving away from text messages, which need to be accepted into your carrier’s text message channel and screened for spam. During crunches, cell companies have taken an hour or longer to deliver some messages. Push Notification, on the other hand, travels a non-stop path from FlashAlert to the app on your phone. And the app will allow you to see all of the recent news posted in your region.

The app process is simple. iOS and Android users download and open the free FlashAlert Messenger app. Enter the email address and password for your current FlashAlert account and the app will link to it. The app may ask permission to send you Push Notifications. That’s it. You will continue to make changes to your account (i.e. adding schools you want to hear from or changing an email address) the way you always have, at

All addresses registered on FlashAlert will remain confidential. Once a year, you will receive an email at your registered email address asking if you wish to continue your subscription.